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In the last days of 2020, rumors about the theft of data from 2.5 million users have raised many concerns, and it seems that the rumors were true. From January to the end of November 2020 at the national level, reports related to illegal IT activities increased by 32.7% – 160,982, 480 per day – according to data released by the Criminal Police Observatory.

To confirm the hack, which we had talked about at this address , is the telephone operator himself after having declared that he had launched an investigation together with the Italian authorities. Although at first Vei’s MVNO claimed to have “no evidence of massive access”, now the story seems different and the notification procedure has been initiated for all customers involved . The operator claims that only a fraction of its users were involved in the data theft.

In the new official statement states that among the stolen data there are the personal data of the SIM holders – name, surname, telephone number, social security number, e-mail, date and place of birth, nationality, address – and technical data of the SIM cards. The information campaign is expected to start today, January 4, 2021, and the company has promised new security measures to protect customers from further hacks . The good news is that no users’ bank details or payment systems of any kind have been stolen . also specified that no data relating to the traffic of phone calls, SMS or web activities were stolen. account hacked: what to do now?

The virtual Vodafone has specified that the data of only a part of the customers have been stolen (unlike what was declared by the seller of the same on the dark web), with the victims who will be contacted individually by the same operator through notification. offers all involved users the replacement of the SIM free of charge at the shops (in the link you can find those closest to you), which should protect them from data theft.

It is not possible to change the SIM via the internet , as explained by the same operator in the communication FAQ: “The SIM replacement process requires physical identification of the customer, therefore we cannot send you the SIM at this time. You can go to one of our dealers authorized and request the change of the SIM free of charge  bringing with you the current SIM and a valid identity document “ , the exact words on the site. data theft, the official communication

Ho.Mobile, as officially declared on December 28, has launched investigations in collaboration with the investigative authorities on alleged theft of data from its mobile phone customers.

From the further verifications carried out, which are still in progress, it emerges that some data of part of the customer base were illegally stolen with reference only to the personal and technical data of the SIM. The company announces that no data relating to traffic (text messages, phone calls, web activities, etc.), nor banking data or data relating to any payment system of its customers have been stolen in any way.

HO.Mobile denounces this illegal activity to the detriment of its customers and communicates that it has already filed a complaint with the investigating authority and informed the Privacy Guarantor, with whom it is working in close contact.

Unfortunately I also have. Mobile, like numerous other companies, has been the victim of cyber attacks that escalated and accelerated during the pandemic.

In these hours we are proceeding to inform only the customers HO.Mobile involved, and we have already activated additional and new levels of security to protect customers from potential threats. Further actions to protect the stolen data are being implemented and will be communicated to customers.

If customers still want to replace their SIM, they can request its replacement free of charge at authorized sales points.

We are witnessing various speculative phenomena on social networks and therefore we invite customers to check directly with the official ho channels. Mobile (website, app, call center) any information and any need for support.

More information on the official website .

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