Articles Whirlpool became a victim of Nefilim operators, part of...

Whirlpool became a victim of Nefilim operators, part of the data was leaked to the Network


The American corporation Whirlpool, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in the world, closes 2020 with a not very pleasant incident: the company’s systems were affected by the operators of the famous ransomware Nefilim.

Recall that the Nefilim ransomware became widespread in the early days of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic. The malware immediately attracted the attention of cybersecurity experts, as it was one of the first to threaten to publish the stolen data of victims.

Initially, it was reported that Nefilim “attacked” Whirlpool the day after Christmas, which is celebrated in the United States on December 25, but Bleeping Computer sources said that attackers infiltrated the tech giant’s network in the first week of this month.

“Last month, Whirlpool discovered the presence of an ransomware on its systems. We managed to detect and neutralize the malicious program as quickly as possible, ”reads the official statement.

Also in the message Whirlpool representatives assure that customer data was not affected, but the corporation continues an internal investigation that will help to accurately determine the scale of the cyber attack.

So far it is known that cybercriminals have gained access to a number of confidential information. Moreover, the operators of Nefilim published the data on one of the relevant sites, as Whirlpool never paid the ransom.

As noted in the corporation, the leaked information concerns employees, and the cybercriminals themselves claim that they have gigabytes of other important data at their disposal.


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